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11. Oktober 2012
5 Minuten - das Newsformat

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Brian Solis Blog

„Businesses not Making the Pivot from Lip Service to Social Customer Service“

As the impact of social spreads through organizations, questions arise about the role social ultimately plays in customer service and overall customer experiences. For the past three years, good friend Brent Leary and the folks at Social Media Today have produced The Social Customer Engagement Index. It examines how companies are using social tools for customer service and, more importantly, how customers are responding […]

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The Angel Voice

„What Voice Assistants Can Do for You“

Could you use a personal assistant? More than likely, you answered a resounding „YES.“ Over the past few years, companies have recognized this desire and the need for hands-free assistance on mobile devices to help users complete tasks and enhance the customer experience (CX). This is where voice-activated assistants come into play […]

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„Future of Customer Service in a Social World“

In the good old days, if we had to contact our bank or for that matter any business, we used to reach out to our phones and give them a call. The call would then be routed to a call center (usually, after about 10-15 minutes of listening to some music that would be played while we waited for an agent to get free and take our call). This, of course would be after having had to find our way through the maze of options […]

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„Google’s Neural Networks Advance Artificial Intelligence“

Google has new inspiration for their software — the human brain. For months, the tech company has been developing „neural networking,“ a technique that collects data and uses that data towards other processes, much like the neurons in the human brain do when learning something. Now Google is ready for those networks to be used commercially […]

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SERVICE Insiders

„Telefonica O2 startet offiziell sein mobiles Bezahlsystem mpass“

Telefónica Deutschland bringt heute das mobile Bezahlsystem mpass in den deutschen Handel. Los geht es an den star-Tankstellen in Hamburg. Dort können Kunden ab sofort kontaktlos mit dem Mobiltelefon bezahlen. Voraussetzung hierfür ist ein Sticker mit NFC-Chip, der auf dem Mobiltelefon befestigt wird […]

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